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It Doesn't Just Affect Men! Has Your Carpet Got Bald Patches

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If you thought that balding is just a thing that affects men only, then you are very wrong because it is more severe in carpets. Balding carpets are common in many homes and they usually cause a nightmare for homeowners. It is why homeowners will do anything possible to deal with them.

What causes balding on carpets?

Many people think that balding carpets are because of heavy foot traffic and many years of use. Well, this is not the reason behind balding carpets. The problem that causes balding on carpets is carpet beetles or moths. Carpets are usually common areas for infestation. Beetles and moths lay eggs on the carpet between the carpet fibres. When the larvae hatch, the casing are left on the carpet. This is what causes balding on carpets.

Tips to prevent premature baldness on your carpet

If you want to keep your carpet looking great for years, you should do the following:

Vacuum the carpet regularly

The best way to prevent infestation is to take proper care of your carpet. When you vacuum the carpet regularly, you will be ensuring that there are no unwanted crawlies living in the carpet.

Use insecticides

If you discover that these insects are munching on your carpet, you can also use insecticides to get rid of them. Insecticides keep the insects at bay.

Place a door mats by the door

Another way of keeping your carpet clean and good-looking is by placing mats by the door. This will help in reducing dirt and soil, which can damage your carpet.

Hire professional carpet cleaning company

The best way of avoiding balding on carpets is hiring a professional carpet cleaning company. Such a company will help you in controlling moth infestation on your carpet. Furthermore, professional cleaning companies use safe methods of eliminating beetles or moths that destroy carpets.

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