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You know it's time to replace your carpet when...

If you are one of the millions of people who take pride in the appearance of the home, then your floors must be tip top. Those of you who have carpeting for your choice of flooring, this article is for you.

We know you are getting it professionally cleaned several times a year as recommended. However, there will come a time when you’ll have no other option than to replace it. After all, nothing lasts forever. But, you may be wondering – ‘How will I know when I’ll need to replace my carpet’

Well, let us tell you…

1. There’s stains that can’t be removed

It can often be very difficult to avoid spillages or marks, but most of them can be removed with some heavy scrubbing or professional help. Although, if those spillages or marks are left for too long, they can transition into stains. If you’ve got stains that professionals can’t even remove, then it may be time to get yourself a new carpet.

2 There is a lingering odor

If you’ve had your carpet for an extensive period, then it’s totally normal if it doesn’t smell brand new. All those accidental spillages can start to take their toll in the odour department. But, normally a good quality product will be able to get rid of the horrible smell. If it can’t, and the smell is instilled deep into the carpet, then there’s no future for that carpet.

3. Matted spots appear

When you first get a new carpet, the fabric looks perfect. However, as people walk on it more and more over the years, the fabric fibres start to deteriorate. The length of time this takes depends on the quality and durability of your carpet, but all carpets get to this stage eventually. Unfortunately, when this does happen your carpet will look run down, so it’s best to replace it.

4. The padding is damaged

This aspect typically gets overlooked. You know how the saying goes – ‘out of sight, out of mind’. But, the padding underneath of your carpet certainly matters, as this not only provides comfort, but protection to the carpet as well. If you have had pets and they had accidents on your carpet at any time, most likely the the padding is damaged. After 3 years of use, the carpet won’t feel nice to walk on due to the lack of support. So, you may need to replace it all at this point.

5. You find yourself sneezing more

Allergies can be a result of many different factors, but if you’ve been struggling to determine the cause, then the culprit may be your carpet. Even though carpet comes with a protective layer to keep dust and dirt particles away, over time this protective layer will start to diminish. This will then allow those dust and dirt particles to gather in your carpet. But, you can’t just replace the protective layer, you’ll need to get a whole new carpet.

Jay's Carpet Cleaning offers carpet cleaning as well as professional carpet installation. Give us a call today (651) 399-3781

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