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Steam Cleaning VS. DYI

Just as carpet manufacturing has evolved, so has carpet cleaning. Most manufacturers recommend 'carpet steam cleaning' for cleaning modern-day carpets. We should, however, use the steam cleaning method after verifying that the carpet fibers will not be damaged by steam. Sometimes, if a carpet is made from a very tender thread, steam cleaning could harm it. For most other carpet types, steam cleaning is considered an effective cleaning method.

The process of 'carpet steam cleaning' uses a simple scientific phenomenon for 'deep cleaning' the toughest dirt by drawing dirt to the surface and wiping it off before it has a chance to stain. To steam clean a carpet, use a liquid-based cleaning agent, which can be vaporized or turned, into steam, a 'steam cleaning machine' that is also referred to as a 'carpet extractor' and a vacuum cleaner. It is always a good idea to choose a mild solution as it is safe for the carpet as well as the individual using it. As far as the machines or extractors are concerned, use self-contained ones that have in-built vacuum cleaners. Alternatively, use the extractor first and then a vacuum cleaner.

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet?

How often you clean your carpet depends on a number of different factors. You must consider how many people are in your home, if you have kids, if you have pets and whether or not smokers are in your home. For example, if you have a house with two adults, you should clean your carpet every six to twelve months. If those two people are smokers, you should clean it every four months. If you have children or pets in your home, you should clean it at least every 6 months and if you have kids and pets, you better make it every three months. but if you’re single, it is advisable to clean your carpet minimum every 12 - 18 months.

Nylon Carpets

Nylon is extremely strong and can often be found in commercial property giving durability in frequently used areas.

Nylon carpets tend to dry very quickly once they have been cleaned as the fibers do not absorb a lot of moisture, wetting also does not affect its strength, although Nylon will resist alkalis, it can be damaged by bleach and mineral acids.

It melts at 250 degrees and between 120 & 250 degrees the fibers soften, this is how permanent creasing develops, often when a heavy item is dragged over the carpets surface damage is caused due to heat, which will often appear to be a 'scuff' mark.

Hot Water Extraction (Steam Carpet Cleaning)

Steam cleaning is the process of using hot water to wet and clean your carpets. It can be done with eco-friendly cleansers or none at all since the water temperatures are high enough to eliminate bacteria and destroy dirt particles. Now that you know what steam cleaning consists of, let's learn how it can benefit your home.

• Eliminate all traces of dirt and dust particles - dirt and dust are a constant in any home. Getting rid of them is nearly impossible given that the particles can be found on every surface in your home. However, most people ignore the fact that their carpets and flooring are perhaps the most susceptible due to the fact that the particles can cling to the fibers. Vacuuming can help to remove some of the particles, but it is not considered to be a fully cleansing method. Many vacuums simply push the dirt in the fibers down deeper in their attempts to clean. Steam cleaning can not only clean the carpet fibers but remove almost all traces of dirt and dust.

• Remove bacteria - you might not think of your carpets as having bacteria present in them, but the truth is that there is more bacteria in your carpets than you could imagine. Think about all of the food or drinks you have eaten, how often you have walked around barefoot or how you sneeze and cough throughout your home when you are ill. These bacteria have to go somewhere, and they usually go down right onto the flooring and begin to breed. Steam cleaning uses hot water vapor which helps in killing the bacteria as they cannot withstand such high heats. If you are looking for a surefire method of sanitizing your carpets, get rid of the aerosol sprays and the powders and instead, hire a steam cleaning company.

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