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Cаrреt Cаrе Tips to Prераrе fоr Wintеr

The winter season is upon us and that means several things: festive holidays, playing in the snow, and dirty carpets. Wait a minute, what was that last one? Yes, winter brings rain, mud, snow and salt - a nightmare for anyone with carpet in their homes. You don't have to resign yourself to perpetually dirty carpets however, it seems inevitable: when winter comes, the carpets always look so dirty ... is the season. It can be a challenge to try to keep them clean and looking good with the kids and pets spending more time indoors and a changing mix of sleet, snow , salt and sand coming in on their boots and paws.

In order to preserve your carpets during the colder months, here are some easy tips that can help alleviate a lot of your housekeeping headaches about keeping carpets clean, preparing you facility and your carpet cleaning staff.

Invest is sturdy entry mats for your home

Place a good-quality sturdy mat at all the entry points of your home. This may seem like a no-brainer decision, but too many homes don't have them. A good mat will catch much of the soil that will otherwise come straight into the home. We don't think about it, but that "dirt" includes pollens, lead, coal, tar, rocks, gravel, pesticides, and other toxins that will linger in the air and fibers of your home. Textured scraper mats can be placed outside to remove larger debris and prevent slips. Doormats also act as a visual reminder to kids ( and adults) to stamp their feet and remove some of the drudge from their shoes before actually entering the house. This is especially important if you have infants and toddlers (or pets) who are at floor level most of the time.

Winter carpet cleaning doesn't stop at the doormat, however. Stay on top of the problem b y shaking out all doormats every day, and sweeping and/or vacuuming all entryways and common areas to remove any loose dirt, sand, rock salt or other debris that has been tracked inside.

Remove shoes before entering the home

This will significantly reduce what gets tracked inside. In many cultures in Europe and Asia, this is standard practice, and a host is prepared to offer you guest footwear to wear indoors. It is much easier to sweep up dirt than it is to beat dirt out of carpet. Remember, even if you only walk on hard floors while wearing shoes, tracked-in soil will inevitably make its way to carpeted areas and onto furniture.

Clean outdoors - Clean indoors

Keeping the outside of your home clean and tidy is crucial. If your front step or porch area is covered in leaves or dirt, this can be tracked in by guest or family on their shoes. Keep the entry way as clean as possible to reduce the dirt coming in.

Vacuum cleaners - your weapon of choice

In the winter, it is often necessary to increase carpet cleaning frequencies to keep up with the higher levels of moisture and soil. Regular cleaning and maintenance to your carpet must be done at least once a week. When vacuuming , focus on high traffic areas not only to prevent staining and damage to carpet fibers, but to keep your home free from dirt and other unhealthy particles, and keep your family healthy. Keeping salt and loose soil out of the carpet will prolong the life of the floor, help prevent fiber damage, and prevent dust mites and other microscopic pests from penetrating deep into the carpet. Taking the time to vacuum regularly will keep your carpet clean ( and your family) healthy for years to come.

Have your carpets steam cleaned by a professional company after winter is over

Most carpet manufacturers like Mohawk and Stainmaster require a cleaning every 18 months in order for warranties to remain valid. A good spring cleaning will freshen up your surrounds and whisk away that stagnant winter air.

Jay's Carpet Cleaning can help you will all of your carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning. We can also give you area rugs and upholstery the deep clean they need before the holidays.

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